Who we are

Real estate lovers out of conviction

„BERMUC Immobilien“, which primarily holds residential facilites and „BERMUC Gewerbeimmobilien“, which primarily holds commercial facilites were founded by six friends, who wished to invest in real estate projects in and around Berlin and Brandenburg. Our portfolio consists of 71.504 m2 leasable area and of 828 apartment and office units in total. The first property was acquired in 2007 and to this day, it is an integral part of our real estate portfolio.

Frankfurter Allee view from inside - fish eye lens Frankfurter Allee view from inside
Bötzseestraße exterior view

What we do

Sustain real estate value

We are solely interested in sustainable investments and therefore, only purchase portfolio properties, in order to refurbish them and thus achieve a long-term increase of their value. Rather than focussing on a short-term maximization of profit through quick sales, we implement long-term strategies to accumulate and preserve our assets.

The limited liability companies „BERMUC Immobilien“ and „BERMUC Gewerbeimmobilien“ specialize in the purchase of real estate in and along the outskirts of Berlin. We invest in portfolio properties – from multi-family residential buildings and office spaces to warehouses, industrial sites and parking lots.

The Team at „BERMUC“

We are here for you.

Marcus Seidel picture

Marcus Seidel
Managing Partner
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Lars Drewes picture

Lars Drewes
Chief Operating Officer
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Elke Franke picture

Elke Franke
Property and project management
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Franziska Berg picture

Franziska Berg
Rental Management
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Anke Schnabel picture

Anke Schnabel
Assistance to the management board
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Carla Albrecht picture

Carla Albrecht
Construction Management
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Sebastian Rösler picture

Sebastian Rösler
Construction Management
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Philipp Schöttler picture

Philipp Schöttler
Transaction Management
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Daniel Klein picture

Daniel Klein
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